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Thankfully with the expansion of internet we now have abundant of free writing apps available but do you really know which one is right for you. All these apps were designed to help you focus on the complete writing experience as best as they possibly can, removing distracting buttons, going full screen to just the drafting area, and even playing music in the background to help stimulate creative energy out of you. Some of the free application software we are going to discuss are Focus Writer, Freemind, Evernote, Hemingway, Scribus.

Microsoft Word is considered to be the default tool for many writers but unfortunately its not free. You need to buy the Microsoft office license of over $100 to use the latest version.
Many of you might have natural talent of a writer and are writing blogs and stories whereas some people have selected writing as their primary source of income but not all of you are aware of the applications that can enrich your writing career and the skills in you. I have listed below the collection of apps for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. These software provides a support to the writer in various aspects such as Editing, Proofreading and other kinds of checking required to develop a good write up.

1. Focus Writer This application is very much useful in chalking out all the distractions that come as a writer while writing the stuff. The Focus Writer is an amazing application that is designed to remove the distractions and in an effect of this, it provides the user to hide other apps, customize the way the text is appearing on the monitor and it helps in tracking your progress. When you are feeling like an old–school you can add the typewriter sound effect not available for everyone. This application integrates the focus of the writer and become one of the most prominent free writing tool in the market today.

2. Freemind Usually writers have a lots of ideas in their mind but when it comes to extracting those ideas, they tend to forget them. To over this they can use Freemind. Its all about mind-mapping and it enables the writer to record leaps and bounds of their imagination to make the bouquet of knowledge to present. The look and feel will be immediately recognizable to anyone who used Windows software ever. This application looks a bit like a desktop publishing app having some kinds of breakdown- but if you are an experienced intellectual explorer then consider this a lot tidier than a wall full of indexed cards.

3. Evernote theme is Capture what’s on your mind. This application is very useful for the note making as we tend to get ideas every now and then and if don’t write down then its easy to simply forget them, Evernote is an application for making the notes and saving them in nearly all the formats whether it is a picture, PDFs, and snippets of overheard dialog. The basic application is free and is available on both the Windows and the Android and offers cross -platform syncing and up to the 60 MB of the new uploads per month. It help to collect, nurture, and share ideas across desktop and mobile platforms.

4. Hemingway This is a streamlined text editor in your web browser. It is available as a free web app with well worth bookmarking and designed to highlight long complex sentences. It can also handle common grammatical errors and wisely use the colors to visibly distinguish the errors in the write-up. It is a good tool for all those who want to communicate with the maximum clarity.

5. Scribus is a free desktop publishing program that lets you create all kinds of documents, from brochures to business cards, quickly and efficiently. If you want to design magazines or a books and your words appearance is as important as their meaning, then you should opt for Scribus. It is a free and highly rated Desktop publishing application for Linux, OS X as well as Windows that is capable of producing the entire magazine. It offers professional grade publishing with layered, multi-page documents and good color management support.

All these Applications are highly useful for the writers who are working to improve their performance in the writing and help to reduce the common mistakes in writing. All the applications provide extensive support in making an adorable write-up in whichever format they want.

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