How to make upto $9,000 just by uploading photos on Social Media while travelling1

We all love to travel the world and explore new things in the journey. But have your thought of earning through the same? And not just earning, grabbing dollars out of it. Sounds interesting, Isn’t it? A couple is doing that exactly just by uploading their travel picks on Social Media.

Who’s that lucky one?

Here is a couple, who is making up to $ 9,000 for each post, and in this way, they are enjoying and earning at the same time. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen met about a year ago, in Fiji. And till then, they spend their days travelling around the world.

What they do?

The couple spends their day, travelling and documenting their world travels with some flawless photos. At the end of the day, they just recollect the besties from their camcorder, and upload them on the Instagram and increasing the list of their followers.

Followers they have and how they earn?

How to make upto $9,000 just by uploading photos on Social Media while travelling 2

Jack is with 2 million followers at the Instagram, and Lauren behind him, with having 1.2 million followers at Instagram. The fan following can be accredited from the fact that, after the upload, the views and likes reaches to thousands in just an hour.

Also, they are earning from the brands and the tourism companies, whom they sponsor on their uploads on the Instagram. The couple credited their success to their simple and sober strategy, which they follow before their uploads.

What is the secret of their Masterpiece photographs?

They revealed that they shoot the master piece, just before the sunrise, as it is quiet and lovely, looking at the weather and give rise to a masterpiece for them.

The couple is credited with an amazing art of taking photographs of their journey. This thing can be accredited to the amount they make. The couple is constantly trying to improve the quality and in an effect, they used to take reviews for their posts on the Instagram. Their posts are heavily liked by the audience out there. This thing can be accredited by the significant amount they are making from their posts.

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How to make upto $9,000 just by uploading photos on Social Media while travelling 3




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