Amidst the competition in the market to provide live broadcasts and cable feeds to the subscribers, Google is set to launch the YouTubeTV with over 40 networks on board to stream on the devices.


With this move, Google will be joining its competitors in the field of InternetTV providers like Version FIOS, AppleTV, SlingTV, Sony Playstation Vue and DirectTV Now, which have already set their minds on the same.

YouTubeTV is coming as a better service provider as the app is built for mobiles, making it an easy experience to view all the contents. It is going to offer unlimited cloud DVR as well as an AI power search and recommend system. You can also add any series or sports event to your favorites. Its massive cloud infrastructure and back-end systems will deliver Billion hours of video every day.

There are other service providers like Netflix which offers a collection of TV shows and movies available to watch anywhere unlike YouTubeTV where you’ll have all channels from TV in the traditional sense.

The service is priced at $35 a month with no contract but it will be a tough task as so far it has been associated with the free content, especially when there are competitors like Netflix who are offering just $10 a month.

With all the expectations, there are challenges with the YouTubeTV as not all the networks are included in the service, some major ones are missing like CNN, HBO and AMC will be missing at the launch. Overall, the YouTubeTV list is smaller than that of other service providers like AT&T offering 100+ channels in its introductory $35 pricing for DirectTV Now.

Google says YouTube TV will be rolled out soon in U.S. and gradually starting in major markets. Google did not specify which cities or when is the launch date. U.S. residents can sign up immediately even if they live outside one of the designated cities.
YouTube TV will be compatible with iOS and Android smartphone, tablet apps and on  You will also be to play full streaming on TVs with Google’s $35 Chromecast dongle or smart TVs with Chromecast support built-in.



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