Gmail inboxGood news for everyone using Gmail. When you login to your Gmail account next time then don’t forget to notice the difference made by Google. Have you noticed? Ok! Let me tell you, earlier you were unable to receive the large attachment of 50MB emails in Gmail inbox but the things have improved now.

You can now receive the files up to 50 MB from the non-Gmail users in your Gmail inbox. It has made the life easier for millions of students and professionals who were unable to get the larger files via email and had to depend on file transfer apps (FTP). Important thing to note here is that only the receiving limit is increased to 50mb not the sending limit which is still capped at 25mb only.

Sending emails are still capped at the same limit as before but you can still use Google Drive to send larger attachments. Google Drive supports files of up to 5TB in size. This change has opened the doors for the competition among email providers but the downsize is that your Gmail inbox will reach its full capacity faster than you expected leading to buying of extra storage capacity.

50MB emails

If you are wondering why Google didn’t allow to send attachments larger than 25MB then please consider these reasons that not only is email insecure but files that big can choke servers. It’s recommended to use Google Drive or some other cloud service to send large file but the assurance Google provide is that you can receive it in your Gmail inbox.


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