male infertility sperm semen screening on smartphone

Male Infertility is no less than a curse for an individual. It retards an individual from enjoying the smiles of their babies. Now there is a reason to smile for all such individuals. An Indian team of researchers from Harvard college, Boston, have developed a smartphone based semen analyzer. This portable, easy to use, an automated device can be used by untrained individuals, is highly inexpensive, and provides results within seconds. The device measures sperm concentration and mobility based on unwashed, unprocessed semen samples.

The accuracy of the device is found to be similar to that of computers-assisted, lab-based reports. Male infertility affects over 30 million about 12% of the whole population in the world. Male infertility has also been presented in the Bollywood movie, Vicky Donor and some others are a good example for the same.

male infertility sperm screening on smartphone parenthool unable to conceiveThis device will be very helpful for many men to undertake semen analysis at home, and in low resource settings. The smartphone device basically consists of a microchip embedded in it, with a capillary tip and a rubber bulb is used for simple, power-free, semen-sample handling. The software is having a user-friendly interface that guides the user through each step of Testing. The results can be stored on the phone for monitoring over time.

The device is being liked by the most of the people from the metro cities, and for them, it is a blessing in disguise.

Earlier, due to the fear of relatives and other close friends, people don’t speak about their infertility with the doctors. But with this device, they can check their infertility, secretly and they don’t have to risk their social status in the society.

Apart from all functionalities, it has some limitations such as, there can be an unprecedented error in the result and hence the accuracy is affected. The reason for it could be because of the high number of White Blood Cells in the sample rather than that of semen. The algorithm counts sperms based measurement, so it can not differentiate sperms and other big cells.

All in all, the device is a good option for the couples who are planning for parenthood but unable to conceive for a long time.

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