Friday, June 23, 2017


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Reason why Lithium Ion Batteries Explode

Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly popular these days mostly because of all wrong reasons. Latest in the story involved a pair of exploding headphones on a plane. By nature, lithium-ion batteries are...
Uber Taxi

Why Uber used Secret software Greyball

Uber has been in news for a long time because of all wrong reasons and now working hard to improve its image in the market. From the cloud of throng trying...
male infertility sperm screening on smartphone parenthool unable to conceive

IoT expenditure to reach $1.3 trillion by 2020 on hardware investment

Internet of Things commonly called IoT is a buzzing word nowadays. All thanks to the tremendous IoT expenditure. There is an increase in the spending of IoT to strengthen its network...

Best Free Applications Software for writing

Thankfully with the expansion of internet we now have abundant of free writing apps available but do you really know which one is right for you. All these apps were designed...

Now! You can receive 50MB emails in Gmail inbox

Good news for everyone using Gmail. When you login to your Gmail account next time then don’t forget to notice the difference made by Google. Have you noticed? Ok! Let me tell...