America Infrastructure $1 Billion

As per the latest Trump’s plan it’ll require more than $1 trillion to fix America’s infrastructure. One of President Donald Trump’s first promises after getting elected was to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure — bridges, roads, tunnels, pipes, dams and other necessary things. Whether you’ve had to evacuate a town in the shadow of a crumbling dam, buy filters for tainted municipal water, or even just bounced over potholes on a highway, you’ve experienced the problems the president alluded to.

Well, it really is as bad as you think. The American Society of Civil Engineers has just released its latest infra report card, and grades the United States at D plus. That means the country’s public works are in substandard condition, with a risk of failure. The ASCE releases its reports every four years, and the mark hasn’t changed since the last time. “While our nation’s infrastructure problems are significant, they are solvable,” says ASCE President Norma Jean Mattei. But that’ll take money.

So … $1 trillion, right? Great news! Except the ASCE report says it’ll take $4.59 trillion to bring things up to a B, or adequate grade, by 2025. That’s a shortfall of $2 trillion over current spending plans. Again: $1 trillion is nowhere near enough but it can still fix alot of things.

Yesterday President Trump had lunch with infrastructure and transport business leaders to start discussing his plans for nationwide rebuilding. As The Wall Street Journal reports he wants to focus on renovating old roads and building high-speed rail, and he talked about both public and private financing. He even asked Elon Musk for more details about his hyperloop idea. All of which would be a good start but won’t fix many of the issues the new report highlights.

Good going Trump and best of luck!

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