Uber Taxi

Uber has been in news for a long time because of all wrong reasons and now working hard to improve its image in the market. From the cloud of throng trying to defame the company, Uber used a secret software to thwart the authorities who have been trying to curtail its ride-hailing service around the world. Uber used Greyball to stymie undercover regulators.

Uber Taxi

In the recent times, there is a crowd, trying to defame the Uber services by putting allegations like harassment on the drivers and summoning the car to cease them from moving ahead. The groups allege that Uber bypasses the local licensing & safety laws and amounts to unfair competition.

To stymie those efforts, it has served up a fake version of the app to make it appear the undercover regulators summoning a car, only to have the ride canceled.
The San Francisco headquarter mined the data collected through the official app to pinpoint the undercover agents. The existence of the Greyball is revealed by a story published on Friday by the New York Times.

The Uber has acknowledged that it has used the Greyball to entrap the drivers working with the company’s opponents. It also revealed that Greyball is a part of a broader program named VTOS, shorthand of “violations of terms of service”.


The program denied ride request to the fraudulent users who were violating the terms of service whether that is people harming the driver physically, competitors looking to disrupt the operations, or opponents who collude with the officials on secret ‘stings’ to entrap drivers.


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